week 5

Tactical Urbanism


     “The lack of resources in no longer an excuse not to act…”-Jaime Lerner. This is the first quote from this reading. I really agree with it because without resources you cannot create anything perfectly. For example, if you want to make an apple pie but if you make it without a recipe then the taste of apple pie would be bad because you didn’t look at the recipe and forget to put  some of ingredients. Therefore in this reading, he did research of environment of the cities before he explained tactical urbanism. For example, the author did a lot of city projects for proving how does tactical urbanism work, so that he can explain well about his project to readers. I think the experiments would help to develop your ideas and support your concept of the idea too, because if you do more of researches to develop your idea, it would become more solid and negotiable idea and you could be an expert of those fields that you work on.  According to this reading, tactical urbanism means something can make our society to become more effective and livable cities or towns. it tells that the author also have tried to develop our cities into more comfortable to live. I also realize that solid reasearch and idea could make our lives better and better, and this is why I have to study design and technology.



What do Prototypes Prototype ?


        Before attending Parsons, I’ve never done any of prototypes. I didn’t even know what does prototype mean either. But now I realize that how much important role for creating new designs. So prototype means that expressing designs for interactive computer artifacts. For me, I understand it as rough sketches before starting the actual art piece. But the different thing between rough sketch and prototype, for sketch, you could draw bunch of your ideas whatever you want quickly and variably, but if you are making a prototype, you have to make something that has to be a formative stages of a project, so it is really hard for making a lots of examples of prototypes. In this reading, the author said it is because“interactive computer systems are complex. Any artifact can have a rich variety of software,,,and interactive features.” It does make sense to me because, there are lots of programs in computer, and sometimes it is hard to make a process of work. However it is hard to make many of prototypes by one at a time, the quality of prototype would get good impressions from the customers, buyers, or audiences to show your concept and idea.