Week 3

Social life of small urban spaces by William Whyte


         It was interesting that there are some patterns when they have recorded what people are doing in the small urban spaces. For example, there are some diversity of activities are going on such as reading people, talking, and eating. And the most interesting for me, the number 1 activity was people are looking at other people. I learn that people are observing what other people are doing unconsciously even though they are not curious at all. Another interesting fact is crowded space also influence by the weather. Sun is not deciding the factor but people prefer the sunny place with nice and warm temperature. I also found that the different fact of nowadays, he mentioned that “I wonders that how many marriages can be traced back to this café”. It shows that so many people socialized at café area back then, but in present day, mostly people socialize by social networking services such as dating app, instagram, and facebook. Those different facts make me kinds of missing the no phone and no sns time era.