Instruction set for strangers


Instruction Set for Strangers



Part 1 - Observation

We went to the Madison Square park. We sat in different locations in the park to observe the environment, people who were passing by and people’s reactions towards different installations in the park.


We also sat besides the pond for about an hour. The shape of the pond is a circle, with nothing in it but some shallow water. When the dark comes, we found out that the light from the street lamps create interesting shadows by interacting with the trees and railings around it. They somehow created this illusory yet romantic atmosphere. We thought we can use the light and shadow to create something for the nighttime in the park.

We also observed different crossroads and zebra lines in the city. We found that people are always rush into each other because they come from two opposite directions. Then, we came up with an idea that maybe the zebra lines need more indicators for directions to separate the flows from different directions.


Part 2 - Testing

We prepared pink neon color duck tape for making new zebra lines, so that people could see it easily. After setting up, we  had watched over one hour, and we realized that people would not really care about the line. Some people allowed the direction line but some of people did not care about the line. we did interviews from few people, and most people said they could not recognize the zebra lines. Maybe next time, we could prepare the lights or bigger signs for make the zebra line, so that people could see it easier than before.