Object Fiction

∙ What is your object and how is this object typically used and in what context?

            My object is a hair dryer. It is typically used for drying wet hairs.


∙ Are there any emotional aspects to this object? Is it purely utilitarian? Is it useful, emotional, both or neither?

            No. It is only purely utilitarian. It is useful. but not emotional, because it is for cleaning hair and body. Some people might be happy and feeling good after using this but not really emotional.  


∙ Identify and describe the alien context or interaction in which this object is not usually found or used. What objects are usually found in this space or used to achieve this interaction?

            In this world, I set up as there are no water because people can use air as water. However people can drink or use air before purifying it, so there are lots of invention for air purifying objects.