7 in 7

7 in 7




It has to be about FOOD


Day 1

Food truck branding

  •   My own fried chicken brand
  •   Luxury fried chicken brand
  •   French style
  •  ”Chicken s’il vous plait”


     Chicken s'ill vous plait is my own branding food truck. Most of people like fried chicken, however it is hardly find fried chicken food truck in New York City. Therefore i got some idea that what if there is a good quality fried chicken truck in New York City? So I inspired by French style restaurant logo and modern style logo and combined them together and designed it.



Avocado stickers

  •  Cute style
  • Avocado illustrations
  • Emoji


     Avocado stickers is for people who adore and like avocado. Personally I really like avocado too, so i decided to make a cute and funny avocado image stickers by drawing and photoshop, so that avocado haters could approach it as good impression too.



Restaurant menu calories app

  • Scan the barcode on the menu
  • It will show the food calories on your phone

    Every time, I see the menu in the restaurants, none of it mentions calories of food. But sometimes people are curious about calories and what kinds of ingredients on food in the restaurants. So I thought that if i make a menu scan calorie app for solving this problem. Idea of this app is when you go to a restaurant, there is a barcode on the menu, and when you scan it, you can see the calories and ingredients. Also it is very useful app for diet people.



Food festival poster

  • Food & Wine Festival
  • Simple and clear

   this is for the Food and Wine Festival Poster. I always prefer the simple and clear style design for the poster, because it could easily people to approach the concept and they could remember it faster and longer. I combined the ideas between 1980's style and simple style. Also i used only three colors for this poster so it looks keep it simple


Day 5

Diet gum

  •  Improved the most of side effects (heart bumping, anorexia, and yoyo syndrome)
  •  Makes you do more exercise
  •  Makes you feel positive

      There are lots of diet pill and food in these days, but it always has a little bit of side effects such as heart bumping,  anorexia, and yoyo syndrome, because of some elements and high doze of caffeine. So my idea is making diet gum with no side effects. I might use a little bit of caffeine in there, because caffeine helps to more active, but i could use other organic ingredients which could help for managing weights such as garnacia, earlgrey, and peppermint.



Automatic ingredient measuring spoon

  •  Attaching a spoon usb into a phone
  •  Showing an exact amount of minor ingredient(salt, sugar, vinegar, and oil etc) of a recipe

   This is app for ingredient measurement with online recipe. it is always annoying to buy a cooking book and use different size of cups and teaspoons for measuring the ingredients. Therefore this app is all together with recipe book and measuring spoons. If you make the apple pie and it will tell you the direction that how many spoons of sugar you need to put and other measurement of ingredients too. 



Personal food shopper

  •   Works as personal trainer + personal food shopper
  •  Suggesting the right food for you
  •  Giving you a food schedule
  •  Deliver it to your house

    Personal food shopper is helping people to manage their health and weights. Sometimes we do not know which type of body type are we. So this Personal food shopper web/app would help us to find out what kinds of food is good for each persons and give us the food schedule and shopping food for us.